Our Values

Our Vision

Here at Sin Kim Jewellery, we believe in the history and romance that jewellery has always signified. In a world of fast fashion, we wish to be part of the antidote. Our jewellery is created to be timeless, treasured, future heirloom pieces. We put a lot of heart into each hand finished piece. They will represent cherished memories to be shared and passed down for generations to come. 

Our Beliefs

Jewellery should be worn and loved. We encourage the redesign of old, unworn jewellery.  We can help you navigate through your collection of unworn, broken, or inherited jewellery and help you decide what can be reused, liquidated or sold. We are happy to reset your gemstones, and where possible, reuse your metal. Please click here to learn more about our custom design process.  

Our Mission 

We strive to be environmentally and socially conscious in the purchase of our materials and the creation of our products. Each piece is carefully crafted using only precious, ethically sourced gems, from trusted suppliers. This guarantees that we are not funding wars, children are not being exploited, and both labour and environmental laws are being followed. Our metal is often recycled, purchased from local refineries and casters, who share our views on sustainability and push for positive impact.