Hollow Heart Pendant: Handmade, Sterling Silver

Hollow Heart Pendant: Handmade, Sterling Silver

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The Hollow Heart Pendant is uniquely, one of a kind.

Pierced and formed using a Hydraulic Press. Handmade in Toronto, ON

Metal: Sterling Silver

Pendant Size: 68mm x 18mm x 6mm (approx 2.7" x 3/4")

Chain Length: 34 inches

The Stock item is available in inventory and ready to ship in its current size, within 5 business days from the date of payment. Please allow 1-2 weeks for length adjustments.

This necklaces is One of a Kind and is not available through custom order. 

Each pieces of Jewellery produced by Sin Kim is made in her Toronto studio, with ethically sourced materials.   The original model is cast in small batches, finished and set by hand.  It is diligently checked for quality, one at a time, with the utmost care. 

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