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Design with Sentiment: Infusing Your Jewellery with Meaning

Design with Sentiment: Infusing Your Jewellery with Meaning

These days,  I find myself looking back, as frequently as I look forward.  I am often thinking of my days of learning, my good ol’ friends, my youth, the excitement of a new business, meeting a potential love.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, like perfume, we could bottle these memories and pull them out for a spritz when we forget the feeling?  From The Wedding Co, Storey Wilkins Photography, Images Life Media, Vintage 28 Calligraphy and I, Sin Kim of Sin Kim Jewellery, have come together to do just that; We want to help you preserve your memories, to create value out of sentiment.  

Jewellery has always been full of history and lore.  The high value of precious gems and metals, paired with their portability, makes jewellery desirable and a great way to transfer wealth from one generation to the next.   For many couples today, their jewellery journey starts with an engagement ring.  Oftentimes, they will enter a store, select a ring out of the showcase, or have minor adjustments made, such as different metal, or a specific size, or a larger stone.  Customization options offered are sometimes limiting, but what if, like in the past, you were to commission your jewellery, and have it made specifically for you?  If your only limitation is your budget, what details would you request? 

If you thought, “I have no idea,” your answer is the same as almost everyone that I pose this question to.   A lot of people settle for what they have seen before because they have no idea what can be done.  Let’s take a look at a recent project I just completed .  My clients came in knowing only that they wanted an oval centre stone with no additional diamonds.  They settled on a classic 4 claw setting with a thin band in white gold, but her response to the design was lukewarm.  So I did a bit of prodding and her partner eventually asked if I could incorporate a Rose into the design somehow.  Her favourite quote comes from the story of The Little Prince and coincidentally, is a beautiful message for an engagement ring.  “There might be millions of roses in the whole world, but you’re my only one, unique rose.”  I, of course, loved the sentiment.  It was so easy to be inspired by it.  


I took my idea into CAD, and this was the result. 

The CAD design is something that is normally done after the centre stone has been selected and a 50% deposit has been secured, but for some, they are unsure of what they want or are deciding between options, or they know exactly what they want but have never seen it in person.  In this case, seeing the design as a rendering really sealed the deal for her.  It allowed us to play with the stone size and to imagine what it would look like on her finger and to select the diamond accordingly.  

For those of you struggling to decide what it is that you want as your engagement ring and think you might benefit from seeing it rendered,  I am offering a design only package.  This will allow you to work with me on your custom design, either in person or virtually.  Once the design is complete, if you choose to move forward with your jewellery piece, your original, nonrefundable payment will then be credited towards the cost of your custom order. 


For those of you still wondering what else is possible, here is a small image gallery of custom work.  Click on the images below to read about each couple’s story and how it inspired the rings created.